Ópera Cantonesa de Foshan / Foshan Cantonese Opera Troupe

The Foshan Cantonese Opera Troupe was founded more than 50 years ago and is now over 40 members strong. The group has earned both national and international recognition for its performances.

O Dia, e os Dias que se lhe Seguiram / The Day, and The Days After

At around midday of August 23, Macau felt the violent force of nature as it had not been felt for 50 years. With winds exceeding 200 km per hour, the strongest ever since there have been records, Typhoon Hato swept across Macau, bringing chaos and dest…


Villages near Sabugal (Portugal) begin to simmer from the first days of August, with the 30.000 emigrants, that arrive on summer holidays. Year after year, the feet that tread the streets spreads a new energy in a land empty of people during the year.

Actores do Sagrado / Actors of the Sacred

Lugubrious chants, of simulated pain, involves the Braga city streets which, since the fourth century, annually recreate the last moments of Christ's life.

Agricultores Urbanos / Urban Farmers

On the slopes and land that embrace one of the main roads that connect Lisbon and the suburbs, began to emerge, in 2009, the first vegetable gardens. In November 2012, with unemployment and the general lowering of wages, the demand for land has risen.

Abrigo / Shelter

The Refúgio Aboim Ascensão, an institution founded in 1393 in Faro (Algarve), and rehabilitated in the 1980s, have place for 90 children up to six years. In the last two decades has received more than 2,000 children.

Adeus Brasileiro / Brazilian Farewell

Alexander lived ten years in Portugal, never got a school for his handicapped daughter. The Voluntary Return Programme, from the International Organization for Migration, helped him to return to Brazil with his family.

Memento Park

Memento Park opened its doors in 1993, three years after the first free elections in Hungary. It is one of the sites that better keeps the memory of the time in which the country, with a fickle and turbulent past, was subdued by the Soviet regime.

Feira de S. Mateus / St. Matthew's Fair

Since antiquity, fairs have always been a point of exchange for goods and services essential to the household consumption. St. Matthew's Fair (Feira de São Mateus), in Viseu, was established in 1392 by order of King Dom João I, the King of Good Memory

Os Filhos da Serpente / The Sons of the Snake

The story goes that in ancient times there was a village located on top of the hill of São Macário. Nearby lived a giant snake who started attacking the villagers.